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13 May 2016 @ 07:10 pm
Hi friends! You read it right.
If you know me you'd know how much I love my Arashi photo books and how much I treasure them. Unfortunately, I have to sell them. I'll be selling all my Arashi official photo books. And no, I'm still not selling concert pamphlets :P
If anyone's interested, just send me a PM (or FB PM or Twitter DM or SMS or whatever).
What I'm selling:

  • In A Rush

  • Arashi Around Asia


  • Nippon no Arashi

  • PIKANCHI Photobook: WORK IS HARD dakedo HAPPY

  • Arashi Pikanchi A to Z

  • Arashi is Alive (with CD)

Thanks! :)
12 June 2017 @ 12:06 pm
Hello everyone! I'm selling some of my Arashi items (For Philippine residents only)

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Send me a message for questions/inquiries :)
18 May 2016 @ 01:25 pm
And so, I've finally got the chance to subscribe to the mailing list and the first email that I got was the round-table discussion for their newest single "I Seek/Daylight". Aiba-shi happened to be this session's host

Read on!
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13 December 2015 @ 05:46 pm
Hello there!
I'm selling some of my arashi and JE items.
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You can pm me on my LJ account for more details :)
HELLO GUYS!!!! This is my first time using Journals, so...I hope we could get along.

   My name is Samantha Fok, a 13 year old girl, i'm Chinese-Korean-Filipino....but no Japanese :( LOL! but they say I look more Korean because I live in the Philippines. (so many Koreans living here). SO.....WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? LET'S START!....

    I am a big fan of ARASHI! because of their funny and adorable behaviour, they are like kids! Every time when I watch or listen to their TV shows or musics, my life is enlightened, they encouraged me to do a lot.  I first discovered them because of MatsuJun, Hana Yori Dango. He acted so lovey dovey with Inoue Moa and I ship them! I heard they are going to get married, but they are just rumours, so maybe it's true or false, I want to hear it from their own mouth, not a gossipers mouth. Anyway, I had a crush on Jun that then, after months of discovering, I found that Aiba Masaki is really my type...although he is like 18 years older than me..sheesh! I just love all of them and I really pray for their happiness (like their song) BECAUSE THEY SHOULD HAVE HAPPINESS!...that's why they had that song.


Let's get to the topic.... So, i'm like the only person their who love Arashi...there are some, because their Japanese. XD And so, I never had a friend who could talk about Arashi stuff, is it only me or who else have this life?!  Anyway, have any of you went to any of their concerts????!?!?!?!? I would love to hear some of your experiences, because I never did once because as you already know, I live in the Philippines, and all they like are American songs and faces. LOL! Although Sho is a really talented rapper, they still seek for those rappers who keeps saying foul languages in their raps...XD

Also, who are/is your favourite in Arashi, mine is Aiba-chan....!!! NO! wait, I think all of them! <3  Haha! but I guess more on Aiba-chan. I love him because he is like the sun of Arashi, makes things brighter, his laugh is very kawaii XD Tell us also why do you like him?

This one made me laugh hard!! XD


P.S. These photo's belongs to their rightful owners. :)
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01 February 2014 @ 07:20 pm

Let's get this ARASHI party started.
Come & get it while it's HOT.
22 January 2013 @ 04:45 pm
It's been some time. I've been looking for some decent Episode Guide and stumbled upon yhamie28 blog. She was able to get a very comprehensive episode guide.

Arashi ni Shiyagare
VS Arashi
29 August 2013 @ 05:55 am
These subbers and uploaders never fails to amaze me :D Here are some download goodies uploaded by various LJ Arashi groups. They might need people to join their group first before you can DL.

KYOU NO HI WA SAYOUNARA (24TV Drama starring Ohno) - Bunny & Clover subbing team

Post will be updated~
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Calling the attention of Philippines-based Arashists!!!

Get ready to flail your hearts out for 24hrs! We offer POPCORN concert viewing, araoke, swimming and more flailing!!!

Saturday, May 11 at 6:00pm - Sunday, May 12 at 6:00pm

Sir Williams Hotel
5505 Quezon City, Philippines
Location Map

P300 with use of pool & overnight stay
P250 no pool and overnight

Limited to a minimum of 20 persons for a maximum of 30 persons

Food : Please bring food to share good for 20pax =)

Reservation Slots : Pls email/DM me if you wanna join

For more inquiries, PM or email me :)

Get the download links here: A•RA•SHI A•RA•SHI for dream♪
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