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18 May 2016 @ 01:25 pm
I Seek/Daylight Round-table discussion  
And so, I've finally got the chance to subscribe to the mailing list and the first email that I got was the round-table discussion for their newest single "I Seek/Daylight". Aiba-shi happened to be this session's host

Read on!

Ohno: Our new single “I seek / Daylight” is going on sale today! The host for this time’s round-table discussion, too, will be chosen by random draw!
Aiba: Oh! It’s me!
Ninomiya: You’ve got good luck with this kind of thing!
Aiba: I know, right!? Umm... let’s start by talking about the paired songs!
First, “ただいま (Tadaima)”... This song was written for the “ARASHI ‘Japonism Show’ in ARENA” tour that’s going on now... Is that okay, saying it was written for the tour? Anyway, that’s when the song was written. We all put the lyrics together!
Matsumoto: That’s right. (LOL) If we’re going to do an arena tour... we can’t just go in empty-handed, can we? Especially when we’re returning to these arenas for the first time in a long while, you know?
Aiba: That makes sense!
Sakurai: A little gift or something.
Ninomiya: I see!
Aiba: A souvenir!
Matsumoto: We were thinking, “How about making a song for something like that?” That’s how it started.
Aiba: What kind of song is “supersonic” again?
Sakurai & Matsumoto: *humming*
Aiba: I can’t remember it at all.
Ohno: Hehehe.
Ninomiya: This is bad. The host can’t remember the song. The rest of us remember, though.
Matsumoto: It’s an easy-going dance tune. Listening to it kind of makes you want to start walking like a model at a fashion show.
Aiba: Ooh, now I remember! It makes you want to pick your feet up. (LOL) What do you think of “supersonic”? Matsumoto-san!
Matsumoto: As a song, I really love it!
Aiba: How about you, Sho-chan?
Sakurai: It’s a cool song. Somehow.
Aiba: It does make you feel kind of nostalgic. It went by pretty quickly, didn’t it? The recording.
Sakurai: It was fast! Incredibly fast!
Aiba: It seemed fast to me, too. How about you, Ohno-san?
Ohno: I felt the same way.
Aiba: And you, Ninomiya-san?
Ninomiya: I was told, “This is the fastest you’ve ever finished.” Everybody was really fast this time for some reason.
Aiba: Everyone remembers it being fast.
Matsumoto: Everyone’s going to be listening to this single at home over and over again, so just telling them the recording finished quickly is a bit... (LOL)
Aiba: Not at all! It’s good information precisely because they’ll be listening so intently.
Ninomiya: I’ve been listening to it quite a bit. At home. I have it on repeat as I go about my day. Before the recording, and so on.
Matsumoto: Do you sing along when you listen?
Ninomiya: No... I don’t sing at times like that.
Ohno: You just listen?
Ninomiya: I just listen.
Sakurai: I see...!!
Ohno: And when you do that, the recording goes pretty fast?
Ninomiya: Yep. The recording finishes fast. I don’t even look at the lyrics.
Aiba: That’s amazing!
Ohno: You can really memorize everything like that!?
Ninomiya: Yeah, I mean, I’m listening to it constantly.
Aiba: I see. I listen a lot, too.
Ninomiya: You don’t just listen, you sing along, too! (LOL)
Matsumoto: You sing every time!
Ninomiya: And it’s always off-key.
Aiba: Like a curse. (LOL)
Ohno: The key is pretty high, after all. (LOL)
Sakurai: We all got cursed right at the start of the new year. (LOL)
Aiba: It’s not like that! I can’t really listen when I’m at home. I listen more when I’m out.
Matsumoto: Oh, you don’t listen at home?
Sakurai: That’s true. You always listen with headphones.
Aiba: Yeah, I use headphones.
Matsumoto: Wait a minute, can’t you just listen with headphones at home, too?
Aiba: Isn’t it kind of sad listening to music with headphones when you’re at home? Anyway, “supersonic” is a cool song!!
Everyone, give it a listen and see for yourselves!!